WooCommerce Products Dependencies

Product Availability Rules

Boost your sales by creating rules for the products:

  • Create must be bought together products
  • Limit minimum selected product number
  • Take prepayment for minimum product quantity with a possibility to order them later

Main features

  • Category/product/variation dependency with or without checking the quantity
  • Flexible rules with OR / AND conditions
  • Check previous customer’s orders to apply the rule
  • Make any products or categories incompatible for ordering at once
  • Make user must be logged in to buy
  • Min/Max product quantity input value
  • Min/Max selected products or products quantity from a category per order
  • Possibility to get a prepayment for defined product quantity
  • Warnings messages setup

PHP version
5.5 or higher

WordPress version
4.5 or higher

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  1. oktovio

    For Customer Support

    Very helpful and quick to response.


  2. macky_ch

    For Customer Support

    I am very happy with the plugin and the outstanding support I received from Alex. Thanks a lot!


  3. 7336jeremy

    For Design Quality

    Good plugin works well


  4. entoen

    For Customer Support

    very solid and customizable plugin, we had a not so easy request and they took their time to make it happen.


  5. egooroocrea

    For Customizability

    Thanks! It works! It’s a really great plugin.. Although you should think about the UX cause if I wasn’t a developer I wouldn’t understand it.
    U should work on it to make it easier for anyone to use !
    Thanks again for your work! Thank you for your choice and suggestions 🙂 I’ll try to make it better!


  6. Media29
    = 2.3.0 =
    New: Maximum product quantity settings
    Fix: Get previously ordered product variations also to check dependencies
    Tweak: Code improvements
    = 2.2.0 =
    New: "Overwrite dependencies by categories" product/variation setting
    Tweak: Print dependency notices while removing products from the cart
    Tweak: Code improvements
    = 2.1.0 =
    New: "Check dependencies on checkout page only" global setting
    New: Entities for dependency messages
    Fix: Previous user orders check bug
    = 2.0.1 =
    Fix: Incompatible products setting with the variable products bug
    Fix: Variable products dependencies with quantity check
    Tweak: Small improvements
    = 2.0.0 =
    New: "Quantity dependency ratio" setting
    New: "Can buy products only once" setting
    Tweak: Code refactoring
    = 1.17.0 =
    New: More settings for product variations
    Tweak: Code refactoring
    = 1.16.0 =
    Fix: Global settings bugs
    Tweak: Code refactoring
    = 1.15.0 =
    New: Products to terms dependencies
    New: "Simple auction" plugin support
    = 1.14.2 =
    Fix: Code fixes
    = 1.14.1 =
    Fix: "Check customer ordered products" setting bug
    = 1.14.0 =
    New: Max orders per period option
    = 1.13.0 =
    New: "Product visibility by users" option
    New: Improvement of the "minimum" options
    Tweak: Admin styles improvements
    = 1.12.2 =
    Fix: Dependency min quantity bug
    = 1.12.1 =
    Fix: Dependency min quantity bug
    = 1.12.0 =
    New: Prepayment products bundle option
    Fix: Minimum total products quantity per order setting bug
    Fix: Category quantity dependency bug
    = 1.11.0 =
    New: Minimum products selected per category option
    New: Incompatible categories and products option
    Fix: The advance messages bugs
    = 1.10.0 =
    New: Min product quantity per dependency rule option
    Fix: A few dependencies bugs
    = 1.9.0 =
    New: Better OR/AND dependencies flexibility
    New: Custom message option
    New: Documentation update
    = 1.8.1 =
    Fix: Message doubling bug
    = 1.8.0 =
    New: An advance message about dependencies
    Tweak: Code refactoring
    Fix: PHP old versions bug
    Fix: Logged dependency bug
    = 1.7.0 =
    New: Quantity dependencies
    = 1.6.2 =
    Fix: Variation dependencies work
    = 1.6.1 =
    Removed: Product variation quantity fields in an admin panel
    = 1.6.0 =
    New: Term minimum products quantity
    = 1.5.0 =
    New: Product minimum quantity
    = 1.4.0 =
    New: Product variations dependencies support
    = 1.3.5 =
    Tweak: Code refactoring
    = 1.3.4 =
    Fix: Wrong init the front hooks
    = 1.3.3 =
    Tweak: Code refactoring
    = 1.3.2 =
    Fix: WooCommerce v3 bugs
    = 1.3.1 =
    Fix: Admin dependencies fields bugs
    New: Admin sortable lists
    = 1.3.0 =
    New: WooCommerce v3 support
    Tweak: Code refactoring
    = 1.2.0 =
    New: Check product was ordered by the customer earlier
    = 1.1.0 =
    New: "Logged in" dependency option
    Tweak: Code refactoring
    = 1.0.2 =
    Tweak: jQuery v3 support
    = 1.0.1 =
    Fix: Check dependencies after set cart item quantity equals zero
    Fix: Force removes the item from the cart if found unmet dependency
    = 1.0.0 =
    Initial release
    (6 customer reviews)

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