Copy-Paste Helper

Junk HTML Cleaner & Image Downloader

While you’re filling pages content copying it from another site or a Word document, there might be a lot of garbage HTML data, making your content looks worse or even soiled by harmful elements.

This plugin will help you to clear the page content from any unwanted elements, strings, tags, or attributes.

Moreover, if you’re copying the content from another site, you also need to download, upload to yours, and replace all of the images from the source site. That procedure can take a bunch of time if there are a few images.

Using the plugin you can make it with a single click! All external images of the page content will be uploaded and replaced automatically.

Main features:

  • Clear page content from the unwanted garbage
  • Set which elements, strings, or tags should be removed and which attributes are allowed
  • Replace external images in the page content by your site-hosted with one click
  • “On the fly” or manual launch

Clear HTML from unwanted tags and attributes:

Download and upload external images faster:

Save tons of time while working with your site content!

    = 2.0.0 =
    New: "Disallowed elements" setting
    Tweak: Core refactoring
    = 1.2.1 =
    Tweak: Small code fixes
    = 1.2.0 =
    New: Posts bulk actions
    New: Clear content from substrings
    = 1.1.0 =
    New: Exception messages output
    Tweak: More code filters
    Fix: Small bugs
    = 1.0.2 =
    Tweak: More code filters
    = 1.0.1 =
    Fix: "Iframe" tag allowing bug
    = 1.0.0 =
    Initial release

    A subscription entitles you to 1 year of updates and support from the date of purchase.